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This group is DEAD. Please see the revamp here :iconrimmed-with-fire:

Deep in the woods a raven caws, the sound echoing down the side of a mountain and into a valley. Fish spawn in the clear, cold rivers and reptiles rest on sunny rocks. The bitter cold freezes the darker Journeys while the bright sun warms the Air of Endless Light. A fawn pokes it's small head out from a fern thicket where it was watching you, hidden in plain sight. It belongs to the Kingdome of Light and it is not alone. The deer of the valley surround it, those who followed Dusk when the deer first came to Salanfyer, the land of the bird spirit Phoelden and the shadow creature Igur. Dawn led the other Kingdome up the mountain Irein to roost in the pine forests. The great river, Woiac still connects the spirits of all who inhabit Salanfyer though, and brings them to council every two Voyages at the falls of Irithin, where the valley of Almanta meets the great mountain Irein.

The-Closing-Ring is a role play group about black tailed or mule deer that live in the Rocky Mountains, near Jasper. We focus on drawing and literature, as well as story and character development. Please feel free to take a look around the group and watch us if you're interested in possibly joining. Admins will try to make everything as straight forwards and easy to understand as possible, we're aware that the plot line can get kind of confusing. We will also encourage activity through role play events and character tasks. Let us know if you have a question! We'd be more than willing to try and answer it for you.


  • What mystery awaits to be discovered~?

  • Our first task 'Trim up the Trees' is up and running!… It's a death toll so make sure you get your entry in!!!
  • The festival of Charin will be upon us very soon!

  • We are now CLOSED. Applications will be sorted out over the next couple of days and then a task will be set to prepare for the festival!

Knowers' Corner~

Air and Weather~

:bulletwhite:Air of Hidden Sun~Winter
:bulletgreen:Air of New Life~Spring
:bulletyellow:Air of Endless Light~Summer
:bulletorange:Air of Fallen Leaves~Fall

:bulletyellow:It is the Air of Endless Light, with the warmer weather finally settling in. The forests are lush with life and everyone should benefit from the abundance of food! Plants are in flower and the berries are starting to ripen. Young saplings are growing and when it rains the whole of Salanfyer smells wonderful. The trees above filter the bright sunlight through to the earth and dapple it on the undergrowth. Ferns are large and lush, sheltering the forest floor. Birds fly through the trees above and their songs penetrate the woods. Rabbits, mice, voles, ducks and other small animals scurry under your hooves while squirrels chatter above. Butterflies and moths occupy the air brilliantly, a spray of colour brightening any day. This is the time of Quest to rejoice in the bounty of the new land that we were lead to by the legendary leaders, Dawn and Dusk.

Kingdome of Light:

Close to the lake Gruaw

Kingdome of Darkness:

Chemo has his Kingdome roaming near the border of the forest of Quire

Gallery Folders

Pending Applications
Kingdome of Light
Kingdome of Darkness
TCR - Honor by BrindleTail
The-Closing-Ring: Wilox by hazelthekitty
Widya- TCR Character App by Diplton
Daily Life
Role Plays
Raily baby by jealousapples
Nettline darling by jealousapples
Stop by, The-Closing-Ring by hazelthekitty
Sumas experiment







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